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For more than 30 years, LEVANA was located on the Upper West Side – just a few blocks from Lincoln Center. From its humble beginnings as a beloved neighborhood bakery serving its famous home-style desserts, it evolved into a café with an award-winning design, to a striking and sophisticated restaurant and finally, to providing off-site catering and kosher meal deliveries to some of New York’s best restaurants and prestigious locations.

Since its inception, LEVANA has been owned and operated by its founders, the Kirschenbaum family. Its philosophy for highest standards, best food and service has never wavered.

When they opened, all Kirschenbaums were perfectly aware they were facing a hard sell: introduce fine dining to the Kosher public, who until then was content either eating at home or grabbing a bite in the rare joints that served institutional old-world treats. The general prediction was that the presumptuous idea would fall flat on its face.

Undaunted by being the trailblazers of the trend, they surrounded themselves with the best chefs, developed the most delicious dishes and waited patiently until the idea of gourmet kosher caught on. The rest, as we all know, is history: kosher food has experienced a veritable explosion and steady growth in the food industry. Kosher wines now have their place among the most prestigious worldwide wine-tasting competitions.

LEVANA’s namesake, Lévana Kirschenbaum, is one of the founders, a renown cookbook author and itinerant cooking teacher. She is widely known for her healthful, innovative cooking and has many devoted fans attending her fun, delicious weekly classes and demos around the country.